Strapless Bra


Strapless Bra: Wear the favorite outfit without worries

Are you afraid of buying a tube top or off-shoulder outfit because you don’t know what kind of innerwear to wear underneath?

Well, no more worry about it! The simple answer is - Strapless Bra!

The strapless bra is the coolest innovation in the lingerie fashion industry. Strapless bras are an essential part of every girls lingerie wardrobe.

What is a strapless bra?

A strapless bra is exactly like it sounds – a bra without straps. You can wear a strapless bra under your off-shoulder outfits, race back tank top, and tube dress without worrying about the strap show.

While strapless bra conceals the straps under strapless dresses and allows a lot of freedom to wear what you want. But they usually lack supportive, sculpting abilities and sizes. They are repeatedly sliding down and feeling uncomfortable.

Well, the good news is that there are various types of strapless bras available in the market today, even including cups, padded, and wires. Now you can choose the right one as per your outfit needs.

Types of strapless bras

  • 1. Padded strapless bras: If you want to perfect a rounded and smooth silhouette, you can pick padded strapless bras. Its pads give an enhanced look to your busts and give a rounded shape and protect your breast tissue at the same time.
  • 2. Push-up strapless bras: If you want to enhance the feeling of cleavage, push-up strapless bras are the best option. They push your breasts towards the center, helps in bust shaping, support, and provide a gentle lift.
  • 3. Non-padded strapless bras: Popularly known as tube bras, these are probably the most common type of strapless bras. They are simply made of thick band, which is responsible for providing support.
  • 4. Wired strapless bras: These types of the bra are the best for a curvey woman. Its unique anti-slip silicon tape keeps everything in place all day and wire offers the appropriate support to your busts and assure a smooth shape.
  • 5. Silicon bras: Last but not the least, the most admired area is silicon bras or invisible bras. It is easy to stick on and completely backless, showing the natural shape of your breasts.

Now you know everything about the strapless bra. Now ready to wear all those racerback, strapless, tube, and off-shoulder outfits as per dream style. Do not wait, get trendy today with our wide collection of lingiries.

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