Trunk - Choose your style, be a better man

Think, what is essential to your wardrobe than stylish jeans or a simple casual T-shirt? It is a Trunks. Trunks are the most important innerwear for your daily life. The perfect pair of trunks for support and comfort that enhance your style and confidence.

The trunk underwear is a hybrid of halfway between a boxer and a brief. This is a snug fit, with deep sides and a below waist fit wear. It covers the thighs and makes them feel slim and muscular. Its flattering and stylish appearing growing in popularity.

  • 1. Men’s trunk is a combination of supportive briefs with the fitting of a boxer. Its shorter length gives you total freedom of movement. Trunks allow you to appear flatter body type so you look taller with them.
  • 2. Men’s trunk covers less than a third part of the tight with no more fabric to bounce up. Boxer hides the muscular thighs with more coverage but trunks highlight the muscles of your thighs.
  • 3. Boxer brief’s full coverage might ride up and cause uncomfortable. The trunk can wear with jeans, shorts, or trousers, with no bounding and riding up.
  • 4. Trunks are suitable for larger built things.
  • 5. The Trunk is a terrific mixture of comfort and attractiveness. The front pocket gives support to your privates.
  • 6. One of the main reasons to choose men’s trunks is for their use for exercising. The pattern of the trunk is perfect for physical activities. Trunks have the right amount of fit for you to wear a protective cup and other guards for tackling something like martial arts training, judo, karate, or sparring.


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