Plus Size Bra


Plus Size Bra: Be Your Own Biggest Fan

Every woman deserves to wear innerwear that is made for her comfortable, fitting, and presents her beauty. We all need a quality bra that gives the right fitting, coverage, and support. In the past time, it was quite difficult to find a very much option for the full-bosomed figure. But now Haya Zone has made it much easier. Here you can find the collection of True Carve Bras for plus size figures.

What are plus-size bras?

Plus size bras are uniquely crafted for generous women with full-figured breasts specially focused on the coverage, support, and comfort with style. It is a big size bra that refers to a band size that ranges in number from 38 and above. It also has a wider band, wider straps, and enough coverage cups. On the whole, we can say it is a perfect bra for a curvy women’s regular comforts and ease.


  • 1 Girl with curvaceous structures can go for plus-size bras where you can get a style to your curves more beautifully.
  • 2 Middle-Aged Women whose body is in the stage of menopause will be facing a lot of hormonal and physical changes. In this stage, they lead to sagging breasts and unwanted weight gain.
  • 3 During the pregnancy stage, a women’s body structure, and overall body shape will change automatically. You will be having an uneven change in breast growth during pregnancy days and even after the born of the baby too. At this time your want more support and comfort with your lingeries so the plus size bra is the best option.
  • 4 After breast and chest surgery you need extra support, compression, and comfort. Plus size bra has several qualities which make it the right option to serve these purposes.


There is a little bit of confusion between the full-bust bra and the plus-size bra. The full bust bra and size bra both terminologies do not mean the same. Full bust refers to the cup size of the bra, Usually, D and E cups. Another hand, plus size implies the bra band size which wraps under your breast around your chest. It usually ranges from band size 38 to 40.


  • 1. These plus-size bras help to improve your posture with their right fit and prevent breast tissue damage, and back, and shoulder pain.
  • 2. For full-figured women, getting appropriate shape is such a dream. With plus-size bras, you can get a perfect shape with comfort as per your need.
  • 3. only a plus-size bra gives proper coverage and the right support for a curvy figure lady.

Feel your inner beauty inside-out with our huge collection of pretty and stylish plus-size bras at Haya Zone and pair them with matching and sexy panties to give a completely gorgeous look. Update your lingerie wardrobe with these beautiful full-figured bras, and you are all set for the party!

Happy Lingerie Shopping with Haya Zone