Boy Leg


Boyshorts - Move the way you like

Many of us don’t know the advantages of boyleg panties and don’t prefer to wear boyshorts because we just felt they are boyish or think they trapped more moisture and heat and are not good for our health. But it is a myth, it has a lot of advantages over other regular panties. Nowadays boyshorts also come in different patterns, styles, and features to match your style and comforts. It is sure that if you try new age boyshorts panty, you become enamoured of then.

What are boyshorts panties?

Boyshorts are the melded version of men’s boxer shorts. It is the style of girl’s underwear, that is made of thinner, more stretchable fabric to cover your hips and hugs your curves more than other panty styles. Boyleg panties have a mid-rise waist and fall under the belly button and provide full coverage, and are shaped like tights. These styles of panties are perfect for less revealing underwear.

Why choose boyshorts panties?

If you are searching for a reason to start wearing boyleg panties then we have discovered the top benefits of wearing boyshorts. Have a look at some reasons

1. No show panty lines

Every woman’s main concern is visible panty lines whenever they wear something fashionable, especially any body-hugging and tight outfits. This style of underwear can save you from these problems. Boyshorts panties don’t make panty lines visible even under your body-hugging tight outfits.

2. Shape and contour

Boyleg panties give your hips proper support and a snug-fitting. These styles of underwear provide proper support and lift to your butts. If you want a sculpted figure, then you must try boyshorts.

3. Breathable and comfortable to wear

Boyshorts panties are made up of high-quality and breathable fabric to provide you with ultimate comfort and support.

4. Extra Coverage

If you don’t want cheeky underwear then you can go for these full coverage shorties.

Boyleg panties are crafted to provide overall full coverage and a snug fit.

5. Suitable for Lounging

You can wear boyshorts as loungewear as they stay in their place without digging and riding in. Boyleg panties can be paired with skirts and any kind of dress.

6. Great Companion for Gym Activities

As boyshorts panties are eliminated visible panty lines and prevent chafing and digging, a perfect companion for gym and other sports. You can pair boyshorts with an active bra to enhance your look.

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