Nursing Bra


Nursing Bra: Just Right for Your Child

A mother is never really alone in her thoughts. Mother always thinks twice once for her child and again for herself. A mother takes care of all the things that are essential for her child and as well as herself because she knows that self-care is equally important for a child. It is also applied to innerwear too.

During pregnancy, the body of a mother experience extreme changes in their breasts, and band size. It can say that during pregnancy and at the time of breastfeeding they are unable to wear a regular bra.

The science behind regular bras and maternity bras are completely different. Lingeries are an intimate thing and their rule for pregnancy is different from a regular bra. At pregnancy time your breasts begin to outgrow and get larger. At this time your fashion bra doesn’t adhere to its responsibilities and you want a maternity bra. Maternity bras provide extra space to counterbalance the enlargement of busts. they have individual flaps to open and close the cups for breastfeeding the child.

Benefits of nursing bra


Nursing bra tailored to give the perfect comfort to the mother’s sensitive breasts after pregnancy.


Maternity bra comes without any attachment or underwire so it can wear with ease for a longer time.


Feeding bra is crafted to provide full support to your breast during feeding time without stiff breasts. Because a tight bra can clog your milk ducts and decrease your milk supply.


During breastfeeding and pregnancy the breast changes in size and weight frequently that needs extra care. A maternity bra is made of flexible fabric that can accommodate breast changes.

Easy feeding:

Feeding bras or Maternity Bras are designed to give convenient access to feed the baby. The nursing bra comes with individual flap-on cups to open and close cups for breastfeeding, you don’t need to open hooks to feed your little ones.

Buying Tips:

  • 1- Buying a bigger size bra is not a good solution and is healthy for a pregnant woman. The design and construction of the bra matter, the maternity bra is uniquely crafted for pregnant women.
  • 2- Bra should change as per the change in your breast size. in pregnancy, the sizes change in every trimester.
  • 3- Make sure the fabric of the maternity bra is soft cotton and spandex. Cotton and spandex are good at moisture wicking and prevent the formation of fungus and bacteria.

The bra world is very confusing due to the sizes, patterns, styles, and changes in bodies, which make it sensitive. But with the right knowledge, you can make the right decision to shop for a perfect bra.

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